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About Us!

Randy Hurlburt is an inter-nationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. 

Whether you’re currently single or in a relationship, he can show you how to dramatically improve your relationship success by using the “Partners in Love and Crime” formula.


Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified Relationship Coach, a Certified Interaction Management Instructor, and a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California. He has advanced degrees from Princeton University and the University of Southern California.

With over 20 years experience evaluating love relationships, Randy’s unique coaching style is based on understanding what you want, and showing you secret techniques to overcome barriers. Everyone has these barriers, but most people don’t know what they are. He wants YOU to experience extraordinary love (and great sex), and knows you must break the rules to do it.

Randy has devoted his life to understanding what love is all about. In collaboration with world-renowned psychologist and therapist Harold Bessell, Ph.D., he has blended his own experiences and the experiences of others to form a new strategy for romantic life.

Observing that most self-help relationship books sadly miss the mark, Randy hit the bull’s eye with his first book, Love Is Not A Game.

Learn the Three Fundamental Laws of Love and use them to increase your chances of success in relationships. Find out why “sex is like water,” and discover the secret world of sexual fantasies.

Use the two relationship questionnaires to assess your love life and predict its future.


His second book, Partners in Love and Crime, vividly demonstrates how social programming sets us up to fail in love. 

We are conditioned to believe that we will not get all our needs met, and so we fear getting involved.  Or if we do get involved, we fear losing our freedom and want to break out of prison. 

Learn to “break the rules” so you can get closer without feeling closed in!

Randy's third book, Dating and Relationship Solutions, contains 136 powerful articles to transform your love life. Learn the role of sex fantasies and sex videos, where to meet qualtiy singles, the three basic romantic disasters, early warning signs of a breakup, how soon to date exclusively, and many more helpful dating and relationship hints in these fun an insightful "one-a-day" articles.

In his worldwide relationship coaching practice, Randy is dedicated to helping singles and couples find extraordinary love by breaking the rules of cultural conditioning.. He has solved the complex sex/love equation by blending the best of Western Culture, Eastern Culture, and Relationship Psychology.

Randy loves to work with people who are passionate about life, and ready to try a new path to greater fulfillment in love.

He divides his time between San Diego and Thailand, has two children, and is following the Partners in Love and Crime strategy in his own relationship life.

A New Outlook on Love

I was devastated after the breakup with my boyfriend. He was being emotionally distant and it seemed like he wasn't even trying. I would call him, but he never called me. I felt insecure and frightened.

You showed me how my actions were pushing him away. You helped me see that my boyfriend felt like he was in prison, and wanted his freedom.

With your guidance I have increased my confidence, given him space, and this has brought him closer to me. He now calls several times a week and initiates outings together.

Thanks, Randy. I have changed the way I think about love, and your "Partners in Love and Crime" philosophy has put me on the right track!!!

Heather from Australia