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In the books and audios that follow you will discover the secret formulas for creating the love, excitement, and deep commitment you really want in a relationship



Improve your dating success

Solve relationship problems

Recover from a breakup

Overcome commitment phobia

Improve your sex life

Enhance communication with your partner



Everything you need to find and build a successful and exciting relationship can be found in these books and audios. They are guaranteed to change your life!


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Dating and Relationship Solutions

New! New! New!



Dating and Relationship Solutions

Instant Download E-Book

Transform your love life with the powerful articles in this new book!


Learn dating and relationship skills the painless and fun "one-a-day" way.


Just read one of these interesting and insightful articles every day (maybe right after you take your vitamins!), and dating will become an enjoyable and successful experience!


All of these articles are based on real life situations, and many include verbatim questions and answers that I have provided in the course of my relationship coaching practice.


Learn the role of sex fantasies and sex videos, where to meet qualtiy singles, the three basic romantic disasters, early warning signs of a breakup, how soon to date exclusively, and many more helpful dating and relationship hints...


All my books and articles give a fresh look at love and sex by blending the best of Western Culture, Eastern Culture, and Relationship Psychology into a single life-changing philosophy.



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____Partners in Love and Crime____


Partners in Love and Crime

Instant Download E-Book


Find extraordinary love by breaking out of the prison of cultural rules.


This is the exciting and fun new book that tells how breaking the rules of social conditioning can overcome commitment phobia and bring you extraordinary love.

The reason many relationships fall apart is that one person is afraid they won't get what they want. They see their partner as a prison guard. 

This condition is often called “commitment phobia,” and can affect relationships whether you’re still dating or already married.


The solution is to break out of the prison of cultural rules. 


This powerful concept is the secret to creating excitement and closeness in your love life


This book includes an instant download of the important Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire (see descriptions below).


While "Partners in Love and Crime" is primarily oriented towards couples who want to improve their relationships, it is also very helpful to singles who want to understand relationships better. And it is critical to people who are just on the edge of a breakup.



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____Love Is Not A Game____

Love Is Not A Game

360 page illustrated paperback


Finally! Someone who tells it like it is!!


Find love and keep it. Have better sex. Enjoy the romantic life you deserve.

Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know the Odds), is an award winning psychology/self-help book that explains in easy to read language how to find good love (and good sex).


If you are feeling uncertain, confused, or unfulfilled in your dating or relationship life, take the two love tests, designed by the famed psychologist Harold Bessell, Ph.D., to help you decide what is right for you.

With straight talk about sex, and out-of-the-box solutions to relationship problems, Randy shows you how to beat the odds and have a richly rewarding life.


"Love Is Not A Game" is primarily oriented towards singles searching for love, but is also helpful to couples who want to understand more about romantic chemistry, emotional maturity, and sexual fantasies.



Get the book, both love tests, and other bonus items
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Love Tests

Romantic Attraction Questionnaire

Here is the groundbreaking “Love Test” designed by Harold Bessell, Ph.D. When you take this test you will find out…

• Do you feel enough attraction for a permanent relationship?
• Does your partner feel enough attraction?
• What is the difference between true chemistry and infatuation?
• What is the difference between true chemistry and sex?
• How does chemistry affect commitment phobia?

This is an essential tool to determine what the future may hold for any given relationship.


Emotional Maturity Questionnaire

In addition to romantic chemistry, you need to know the degree of emotional maturity in a potential partner. This companion love test does just that.

This important test will show you

• Is your partner aware of his or her feelings?
• Does your partner have good relationship skills?
• How competent is your partner to follow through on projects and commitments?
• How much integrity does your partner show in interpersonal relations?
• Is maturity a factor in commitment phobia?



Get Both Questionnaires

Both of these questionnaires are included when you purchase either
"Partners in Love and Crime" or "Love Is Not A Game."

If you wish to purchase the questionnaires by themselves, you can do so here, a total of $14.95 for both tests.



All 3 Books and 2 Love Tests





Get all three books and both love tests:

Dating and Relationship Solutions


Love Is Not A Game


Partners in Love and Crime


Romantic Attraction Questionnaire


Emotional Maturity Questionaire

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___Interview with a Former Call Girl___



In this workshop I talk directly with a former call girl to find out (a) what men really want (but never discuss with their wives/girlfriends), and (b) what free and uninhibited women are like.


Join me in a frank conversation with former call girl Carol Leigh!


Here's what we cover:


+ Why men seek sex away from their wives
+ What men talk about with call girls
+ Why many couples are sexually incompatible
+ Why professional sex is cheaper in the long run than an affair
+ What are men's most frequent fantasies
+ What men say about their wives behind closed doors
+ And much much more...


Don't let your inhibitions, or your partner's fantasies, ruin your relationship! Take advantage of this informative and titillating opportunity to interview someone who knows the dark side of people's emotional lives. Don't let it be "dark" for you!


This conversation is of equal value for men who want to open up more to their own sexuality, and for women who want to truly understand men


This audio is only available here, and is priced at only $19.95 to make it affordable to everyone..





Partners in Love and Crime Workshop


Partners in Love and Crime
Workshop & Manual



More Info

Learn the Partners in Love and Crime process step-by-step in this fun and informative workshop, recorded live in five one-hour sessions...

When you download this recording I will show you how your subconscious expectations can ruin relationships.  I will teach you how to break out of the prison in your mind to become an ally of your partner, an advocate for his or her emotional needs, without foregoing your own desires.


This workshop includes the "Interview with a Former Call Girl."

You will also learn

    • How to bring a new relationship into your life
    • How to keep your relationship from fading with time
    • How to restore a relationship that is falling apart
    • How to experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules

    CLICK HERE for more information about the workshop.


    You can get this entire five session workshop and additional bonus items now for only $49.95



    Sexual Fantasies Workshop


Sexual Fantasies in
Love Relationships

Sexual Fantasies in Love Relationships



More Info

Do you have fantasies? Do you share them with your partner? Do you think it’s a good idea to do so? Sex is almost always a part of love relationships, but sexual fantasies are often taboo.

Join internationally acclaimed relationship coach and author Randy Hurlburt to learn the origin of fantasies and how they affect relationships. This recording of a unique live seminar includes frank and open discussion of sexual fantasies, as well as when to discuss (or not discuss) fantasies, and how fantasies affect relationships.

In this informative and titillating program, recorded with a live audience, you will learn from Randy

  • Why sharing sexual fantasies is important
  • What are some common sexual fantasies
  • What is the source of sexual fantasies
  • When is it safe to share sexual fantasies

  • Learning to explore the "secret side" with your partner is central to the Partners in Love and Crime strategy!


    CLICK HERE for more information about the workshop.


    This "straight talk" workshop

    and many other bonus items

    is now only $39.95!!




    Personal Coaching


Relationship Coaching


What is Relationship Coaching?


Contact Randy


One-on-One Telephone Coaching


Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules. Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified Relationship Coach as well as a Certified Interaction Management Instructor.

Learn how to easily get dates, overcome commitment phobia, and salvage relationships that are on the brink of disaster by applying the Partners in Love and Crime Strategy.

Each coaching session is a personal one-on-one telephone conversation that will focus on your particular relationship situation and goals and help you see the best way forward.

Talking to Randy always leaves you feeling energized and renewed, confident that you are building the skills to pursue your relationship dream.




VIP Package


Get EVERYTHING that you see above!


Three Books


Dating and Relationship Solutions

Partners in Love and Crime

Love Is Not A Game


Two Love Tests


Romantic Attraction Questionnaire

Emotional Maturity Questionnaire


Three Audio Programs


Interview with a Former Call Girl (included in the Partners in Love and Crime Workshop)

Partners in Love and Crime Workshop

Sexual Fantasies Workshop


Personal Telephone Coaching


It’s unbelievable, but all purchasers of the VIP Package will ALSO receive a 30 minute personal telephone coaching session with Randy (a $300 value).  There is no additional cost for this and Randy will pay for the phone call to most countries!


Create a plan to bring the relationship that you want into your life. Leave the call feeling energized and renewed, confident that you are building the skills to pursue your relationship dream.


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Additional Bonus Item


When you purchase the VIP Package you will receive ALL the bonus items associated with the other products and you will ALSO receive the following audio program as an ADDITIONAL BONUS ITEM.


How to Overcome Commitment Phobia (Audio Program)


Everyone has encountered "commitment phobia," at times in their partner, and at other times in themselves.  But did you know that it is the "Destroyer of All Relationships"?

Sometimes commitment phobia means she won't even get into a relationship.  Sometimes it means he wants to break up because he's not ready to get married.  Sometimes it can even mean he's having an affair! 

Men and women may be either the offender or the victim. Either way, the underlying cause is commitment phobia.  But what causes commitment phobia? And what is the solution?

Join Randy Hurlburt in this one hour workshop (recorded with a live audience) to learn why relationships fall apart and how to deal with a partner (or potential partner) who suffers from commitment phobia. Hint:  We all have some degree of commitment phobia!!!



I feel very confident that you are going to fall in love with this program and it will change your life.  

Because the concepts will set you free in your relationships, you’ll have more excitement and more closeness than you ever thought possible.

I feel so confident that this is a match made in heaven for you, that if within 100 days you don’t absolutely love it, and if you don’t feel that it will help create the kind of relationship you are looking for, I will gladly refund your purchase price in full.  And you can keep the whole program - the only thing I ask is that you forward it on to a friend who you think it might help.

This is an unbelievably great deal! The low low low price of $97 includes everything you see above on this webpage (a $209 value)!


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Why should you order the books and audios on this webpage right now?

  1. 1. You will save money by taking advantage of the book launch promotional price.
  2. 2. You will be on track to finding the love you want


You may have read other books or taken other relationship courses, but if you’re on this page it’s because you're starting to realize that they don't tell you everything you need to know. 


Most other advice books and relationship training courses are framed in the context of traditional rules.  The Partners in Love and Crime program will teach you how to let go of those rules and create your own.  I truly believe this is exactly what you need in order to have the relationship that you want. 

You deserve to have extraordinary love, and you deserve to have it now!


If you have questions about any of these items, just email Randy.


Wishing you extraordinary love,

Randy Hurlburt
Certified Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author
Experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules



Relationship Counseling

Randy Hurlburt ____________


-- he knows what he's doing...


"Randy Hurlburt has been a fantastic contributor to our newsletters – both articles and "Ask the Coach" for years. He's a perfect example of a relationship expert who contributes to RCI and then repurposes the wonderful material he writes for us in his newsletter, blog, and probably in more books that I'm sure he'll write in the future."


Tara Katchuroff, Relationship

Coaching Institute (RCI)



Randy is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author.


In his worldwide relationship coaching practice, Randy is dedicated to helping singles and couples find extraordinary love by breaking the rules of cultural conditioning.

He is the author of three books:


Dating and Relationship Solutions


Partners in Love and Crime


Love Is Not A Game.

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!


Use his Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and Emotional Maturity Questionnaire to predict the future of your relationship...

Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified Relationship Coach, a Certified Interaction Management Instructor, and a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California.

Thank You x 100!

Randy –

Thank you (x100) for the many ways you are there for me. I send my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation! Much light and joy,

Nancy from Canada


Getting rid of expectations

Randy - Your newsletter helped me so much because I tend to place high expectations on everything in my life then when everything goes wrong or not quite what I expected I can get depressed or enraged..........not a good thing, I know. I’m trying very hard to understand that expectations are just that: “expectations” and are not necessarily things that will come to pass just because that's what we want at that particular time......Thank you so much!

M. T., a newsletter subscriber



Building a healthy relationship


This past year I met a wonderful man who accepts and loves me very much. We have bought a house together and are very happy. Your book has helped me to build a healthy and wonderful relationship.



S.T. from Sweden



Magic in my soul


Randy - Thanks for helping me put magic back in my soul and become reborn from the black hole I was in. You are my hero RAndy!!!!


L.D. from Venezuela



Best advice available


Your advice has turned out to be the best available, Randy. I really appreciate the insight. Thanks for your help!





New perspective


I really enjoyed your book. I now have a new perspective on relationships... a much healthier one!


D. V.