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U R Good


Thank you Randy - great article - quick, clear and made a fantastic point!!!!

You are good! I want to stay 'in your loop'!

Barbara, a newsletter subscriber


Pot of Gold


I am so grateful for all the support you have given me over the years and I have put into practice a great many things. 


The relationship I am in is one that supports, challenges and encourages my spiritual and emotional growth. This is totally reciprocated and it often scares me as I realize now I am with someone who is committed to the life long development of this relationship.


I really feel that if it weren't for your input, I wouldn't have got as far as I have, I probably would have still been pining over the previous relationship and never realised the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 


M. C. from London, a coaching client


No Words


A big hug Randy u have been such a coach such a friend!!


L. .P. from Venezuela, a coaching client




Having done much personal growth work over the past 25 years, I wasn't used to being stuck like this.  I saw several counselors with excellent reputations over the three year period, but Randy was the person who helped me. Randy's work with me was nothing short of amazing.


Kate from Texas, a coaching client

Improve Communication!


Communication is important in relationships. Unfortunately most of us did not learn good communication skills from our parents or teachers.


So-called "communication" often comes out as:


Anger or defensiveness

Demands and ultimatims

Superficial conversations (avoiding the issue)

Silence (the stone wall...)


Communication like this can make you feel that the problems are insurmountable, and that can create even more anxiety and more anger or demands.


But you can turn this around!


Good communication skills can be learned and can lead to success with a good relationship...


Here are a few simple tips:


1. Take stock of the basic quality of the relationship. Is the attraction mutual and high? Is there a reasonable amount of emotional maturity in both partners? If the answers to either of these questions is "no," it may be that no amount of "communication" can solve the underlying problem.

2. Adhere to the 3 key principles of problem solving communication: (1) Let your partner know what you love about him or her, (2) listen to his or her emotions and ideas, (3) ask for their help in solving the problem.

3. Focus on the future. Complaining about things that have already happened just makes defenses go up. Requesting a change in how the future is handled leads to joint decision making. (Hint: "negotiate" win-win solutions!)

Below you will see a series of articles, audio programs, and quizzes that I have compiled to help you deal successfully with dating and relationship issues. There is NO CHARGE for any of these!


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In addition to the series of acticles, check out my two books which contain the best research from around the world on dating, love, sex, communication, and how to sucessfully solve relationship problems.


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Special Report:

How to Keep Relationships from Falling Apart

Success in dating starts with knowing what the other person needs. Fear of not getting their needs met (this is often called commitment phobia) keeps people from getting into
a relationship and it causes people to break up. It causes affairs. This fear is the Destroyer of all relationships!

Everyone has this fear to some degree (yes, even you!), and it causes relationship to fall apart wherever it goes...

Although “commitment phobia” is a common term for people who are afraid of relationships, what is not commonly recognized is that everyone is afraid of relationships to some degree, so everyone has commitment phobia! Commitment phobia can be overcome, and the Partners in Love and Crime strategy is aimed at doing just that.

In this special report, “How to Keep Relationships from Falling Apart,” you will find out

  • Why fear is at the heart of all relationship problems
  • What causes fear of dating, relationships, and commitment
  • Why love and sex are so commonly misunderstood
  • How to solve relationship problems
  • Why you need to break the rules
  • How to understand the “dark side” of the opposite sex


Dating, Relationship, and Commitment Quiz

How much do you know about love and commitment? How much does your partner (if you have one) know? Relationship issues often arise because of a lack of knowledge.. If this is the case, it's good news because you can do something about it!

In this quiz you will find out

  • Do you know what you want?
  • Do you know what's behind commitment issues?
  • How good are your dating skills?
  • How good are your relationship skills?
  • And much more...
Special Report:

To Stay or Leave, That is the Question

How do you know if you’re on the edge of a breakup? And what should you do?

Here are some indicators to help you know if you are on the edge of a breakup:

  • You are asking yourself if this relationship is right for you
  • Your partner has said maybe it’s not right for him or her
  • Sex has become infrequent or unfulfilling
  • There has been infidelity in the relationship
  • You have already broken up or are thinking of going back


In this important article you will learn the 7 steps for deciding whether to stay or go. Don’t proceed one way or another before reading this article!

Audio Program:

How to Get Over a Lost Relationship

Learn from the masters! Randy Hurlburt and Tianna Conte-Dubs host a telephone workshop that teaches you how to recover from that "shattered" feeling after losing a love relationship. In this revealing 50 min. audio teleseminar you'll learn
  • What to do when you feel you can't go on
  • How to get through the pain
  • How to find light at the end of the tunnel
  • A step by step process to re-discover yourself
  • What is the “Black Madonna”?
  • And much more…



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The Benefits

Here are the benefits of the “Partners in Love and Crime” approach to relationships:

1. You can more easily find dates because you do not give off vibrations of “I want to put you in prison.” People will be more attracted to you because they do not perceive you as being needy.

2. You can more easily get from “dates” to “relationships" because you are comfortable navigating the “in-between world” that starts with acquaintance and builds slowly to friend to partial relationship to partner.

3. You can more effectively work through the problems of commitment phobia that arise either at the beginning of a relationship or after a few years because you want to help your partner meet his or her needs. There will be no need to break up, because there will be no need to “break out of prison.”

4. You will be more likely to be able to resolve issues when you are on the edge of a breakup, because you are committed to getting the other person’s needs met, something everyone wants.

5. There is less likelihood that your partner will have an affair, because he or she is getting all their needs met.

6. You will more easily be able to keep relationships long term (or forever) because you have the skills to negotiate wants and needs.

7. Last but not least there will be better sex. By being open to your partner’s dark side, exploring fantasies, and offering more acceptance, your sex life will be invigorated, more exciting, and play its important role in holding your relationship together.


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Wishing you extraordinary love,

Randy Hurlburt
Certified Relatiionship Coach, Speaker, and Author
Experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules

Relationship Counseling
Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples overcome commitment phobia and experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

He is the author of two books, Partners in Love and Crime and Love Is Not A Game.

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!

Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified Relationship Coach, a Certified Interaction Management Instructor, and a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California.

Advice for the whole family

Randy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you wrote about “What to do when he says ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’”!!!!!


I need to pass this on to my 23 year old daughter and 30 year old co worker!

Thanks again, Randy.

Cathy, a newsletter subscriber


Practical Tips


I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your story about expectations in your newsletter. I read it nodding with recognition and empathy. 


It is so encouraging to read of someone else encountering and overcoming this feeling, and it's wonderful to get some practical tips for shaking off that depression and avoiding it in the first place!


Terri, a newsletter subscriber


Love is off the charts


Thanks for the course/book/articles. I learned a lot and am currently in a
very good/grounded relationship. I put all my cards on the table, we became friends(best), then lovers and the sex, love is off the charts. Oh, and the kids love her too and vice versa.

Just wanted to say thanks!


Mark, a seminar participant


Honor and Privelege


Thank you Randy for your compassion and wisdom in our coaching sessions. Your innate ability to guide us at a speed that was right for us; gently nudging us forward when we become trapped in an endless cycle of fears and listening intently when we needed to voice our truth.

We were simultaneously going through counseling with another relationship coach when you entered our lives and I honestly believe that our few sessions with you accomplished much, much more than did our months of relationship counseling. It was an honor and privilege working with you. Thank you for the insightful and organized meetings as well as the results you helped us to achieve in our few sessions.


With much gratitude,


C. S. from San Diego


Commitment Fears


Randy is a fantastic coach and has been worth his weight in gold. I don’t think our relationship would be as amazing as it is if it weren’t for Randy’s help working through some our relationship sticking points and my

commitment fears.


Thanks a million Randy!


C. M. from California, a coaching client