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Partners in Love and Crime



Success in love happens


when you break the rules!



This is the exciting and fun new book that tells how breaking the rules of social conditioning can overcome commitment phobia and bring you extraordinary love.

The reason many relationships with basic attraction fall apart is that one or the other person fears that their needs will not be met. They see their partner as standing in the way of getting all that they desire. 

This condition is frequently called “commitment phobia,” and can affect relationships whether you’re still dating or already married.

This fear of not getting needs met is often due to cultural rules which have been imposed on you since birth, and which create a prison in your mind and a trap for your partner.

Because these rules tend to conflict with each other and with our basic desires, in addition to creating unrealistic expectations, they create confusion and uncertainty in relationships.

Finding extraordinary love usually means breaking out of the prison of cultural rules.  When you do this, it’s possible to have what I call a “Partners in Love and Crime” relationship.


This powerful concept is the secret to creating excitement and closeness in your love life.


Key chapters of this book include:

  • The Top 10 Reasons People Can’t Find Their Soulmate
  • The Top 10 Reasons People Get Married
  • The Top 10 Reasons Why Marriage and Relationships Don’t Work
  • The Partners in Love and Crime Solution to Overcome Commitment Phobia and other Relationship Dilemmas


Other key concepts you will learn:

  • How to balance the desire for freedom with the desire for connection
  • How to get into your partner’s “secret side”
  • How to "break the rules" to create excitement and closeness


This e-book can be downloaded instantly and shows the hidden problems behind relationship break-ups, and shows how to head them off before they become too overwhelming!


This download includes Dr. Bessell's "Romantic Attraction Questionnaire" and "Emotional Maturity Questionnaire."


Check out the detailed table of contents below:



Bonus Items

Bonus Item #1: Overcoming Commitment Phobia (Audio Program). Everyone has encountered "commitment phobia," at times in their partner, and at other times in themselves.  But did you know that it is the "Destroyer of All Relationships"?

Join Randy Hurlburt in this one hour workshop (recorded with a live audience) to learn why relationships fall apart and how to deal with a partner (or potential partner) who suffers from commitment phobia. Hint:  We all have some degree of commitment phobia!!!

Bonus Item #2: Romantic Attraction Questionnaire. Here is the groundbreaking “Love Test” designed by Harold Bessell, Ph.D. When you take this test you will find out…

• Do you feel enough attraction for a permanent relationship?
• Does your partner feel enough attraction?
• What is the difference between true chemistry and infatuation?
• What is the difference between true chemistry and sex?
• How does chemistry affect commitment phobia?

This is an essential tool to determine what the future may hold for any given relationship.

Bonus Item #3:
Emotional Maturity Questionnaire. In addition to romantic chemistry, you need to know the degree of emotional maturity in a potential partner. This companion love test does just that.

This important test will show you

• Is your partner aware of his or her feelings?
• Does your partner have good relationship skills?
• How competent is your partner to follow through on projects and commitments?
• How much integrity does your partner show in interpersonal relations?
• Is maturity a factor in commitment phobia?

Both of these questionnaires are included when you purchase the "Partners in Love and Crime" E-Book.

Bonus Item #4: The Male Sexual Experience. This Special Report gives an inside look at what goes on in a man's mind during sex. It is a startling eye-opener for many women, and can greatly enhance your understanding of your man.


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Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples overcome commitment phobia and experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules


He is the author of three books:


Dating and Relationship Solutions,


Partners in Love and Crime,




Love Is Not A Game.

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!

Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified Relationship Coach, a Certified Interaction Management Instructor, and a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California.


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"Randy Hurlburt has been a fantastic contributor to our newsletters – both articles and "Ask the Coach" for years. He's a perfect example of a relationship expert who contributes to RCI and then repurposes the wonderful material he writes for us in his newsletter, blog, and probably in more books that I'm sure he'll write in the future."


Tara Katchuroff, Relationship

Coaching Institute (RCI)




Thank You x 100!

Randy –

Thank you (x100) for the many ways you are there for me. I send my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation! Much light and joy,

Nancy from Canada


Getting rid of expectations

Randy - Your newsletter helped me so much because I tend to place high expectations on everything in my life then when everything goes wrong or not quite what I expected I can get depressed or enraged..........not a good thing, I know. I’m trying very hard to understand that expectations are just that: “expectations” and are not necessarily things that will come to pass just because that's what we want at that particular time......Thank you so much!

M. T., a newsletter subscriber



Building a healthy relationship


This past year I met a wonderful man who accepts and loves me very much. We have bought a house together and are very happy. Your book has helped me to build a healthy and wonderful relationship.



S.T. from Sweden



Magic in my soul


Randy - Thanks for helping me put magic back in my soul and become reborn from the black hole I was in. You are my hero RAndy!!!!


L.D. from Venezuela



Best advice available


Your advice has turned out to be the best available, Randy. I really appreciate the insight. Thanks for your help!





New perspective


I really enjoyed your book. I now have a new perspective on relationships... a much healthier one!


D. V.