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Love Is Not A Game

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Daring to speak the truth about love

You CAN beat the odds! Find love and keep it. Have better sex. Enjoy the romantic life you deserve...

Love Is Not A Game is an award winning psychology/self-help book that explains in easy to read language why good love (and good sex) are so hard to find and what to do about it.


If you are feeling uncertain, confused, or unfulfilled in your relationship life, take the two love tests, designed by the famed psychologist Harold Bessell, Ph.D., to help you decide what is right for you.

Author Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, dedicated to helping you find and create exciting and successful relationships.   

With straight talk about sex, and out-of-the-box solutions to relationship problems, Randy shows you how to beat the odds and have a richly rewarding life.

Passionate, Provocative…Taboo-Breaking Fun
Dr. Laurie Betito, Psychologist and Sex Therapist
Montreal, Canada

In this book, Relationship Coach Randy Hurlburt gives you straight answers about romance, maturity, sex, and more.  

You will learn:

  • The four key things to look for in a love relationship
  • How much time to invest in any relationship
  • What to do for sex and emotional fulfillment while not in a relationship
  • How to get more excitement out of sex within a relationship
  • Strategies to use to beat the odds and find good love (and good sex).


Contains both of Dr. Bessell’s Love Tests. Learn his secrets and you too can have exciting and successful relationships.

"Hurlburt knows what it takes to make a relationship work.
No one should get married before reading this book!"

Dean Mignola, author of "The Single Guy's Survival Guide."
Free “Love Tests”: The Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire developed by world famous psychologist Harold Bessell, Ph.D. are contained in the book and will teach you to be a better lover. Get electronic download versions of BOTH TESTS free when you buy the book from Randy.

Free Love Dice: Randy's unique "Love Dice" illustrate various dating situations. A free set will be sent with the book when you order from Randy.

The “Love Dice” are a set of four dice that are used throughout the book to illustrate various types of love relationships in a fun and memorable way. These dice make great conversation starters at parties. Roll them and discuss the likely future of the relationship type that comes up!



Free Shipping: "Love Is Not A Game" is a high quality, 360 page, illustrated (in color) paperback. It will be shipped by priority mail at no cost to you, and should arrive within a few days.


Controversial and compelling, Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know the Odds) contains torrid true stories of real relationships. Don't miss the sections on "Kissing Frogs," "Sex is Like Water," or the appendix on "Sexual Fantasies"!


Paperback edition, size 5¼ x 8, 357 pages, illustrated


Five Secrets to Sucess in Love (Special Report). This special report contains five of Randy's classic articles:

"The Three Fundamental Laws of Love"
(Power, Progression, Probability)
"The Three Basic Romantic Disasters"
"The Struggle for Closeness and Safety"
(The Moth and the Flame)
"How Love is like Football"
(The Crease)
"How to Overcome Fear"
(The First Law of Wingwalking)

Get both Love Tests, the Love Dice, and this Special Report when you purchase "Love Is Not A Game"!


"Love Is Not A Game" will be sent by priority mail (free shipping) and should arrive within a few days.

Meanwhile you will be able to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD the Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, as well as the Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire.

Get Started RIGHT NOW on the track to good love!

I feel very confident that you are going to fall in love with this program and it will change your life.   Because the concepts will set you free in your relationships, you’ll have more excitement and more closeness than you ever thought possible.

I feel so confident that this is a match made in heaven for you, that if within 100 days you don’t absolutely love it, and if you don’t feel that it will help create the kind of relationship you are looking for, I will gladly refund your purchase price in full.  And you can keep the whole program - the only thing I ask is that you forward it on to a friend who you think it might help.


If you’re looking for something special in a love relationship, or if you want satisfying sex, then you need to know the controversial new secrets contained in this book. 

Using the unique Love Dice illustrations that show how love works, Randy Hurlburt explains sex, fantasies, romantic chemistry, emotional maturity, fear, and more, all with compelling clarity and simplicity.

To purchase Love Is Not A Game, for the promotional low price of $24.95, just click on the link below. You will be able to dowload the first two chapters and the two questionnaires immediately. The complete book and Love Dice will be sent by priority mail and should arrive within a few days.




Wishing you extraordinary love,

Randy Hurlburt
Certified Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author
Experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules

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Relationship Counseling

Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

He is the author of two books, Partners in Love and Crime (to be published January 1) and Love Is Not A Game (published in 2001).

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!