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Partners in Love and Crime

5 Session Workshop

Learn the Partners in Love and Crime process step-by-step.


Listen to this fun and informative live telephone workshop.


Download this recording and I will show you how expectations can ruin relationships, and you will learn about your own subconscious expectations. I will teach you how to break out of the prison in your mind to become an ally of your partner, an advocate for his or her emotional needs.

I am going to show you how to let go of expectations without foregoing your own desires or sacrificing your own values. In fact, you will be able to get even more of what you want…

What happens in love relationships is that we are so concerned about getting our own needs met, that we fail to know and meet the needs of our partner. This is even more difficult because often our partner does not reveal his or her own “secret” needs…

So we will figure out what questions to ask and how to ascertain and meet those secret needs.

In five 90 minute session, you will find out:


  • What people fear about relationships
  • What are their unmet desires
  • What social rules restrict their capacity to give and receive love
  • Why monogamy doesn’t work
  • How monogamy CAN work
  • How to become a Partner in Love and Crime
  • How to experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules

Partners in Love and Crime
Workshop Manual

In order to get the most from the Partners in Love and Crime Workshop, I have designed a workbook to go with it. Here you will have a brief written record of the proceedings for easy reference, and you can record the specific items that are most significant to you.

In this workshop you will also learn:


  • How to bring a new relationship into your life
  • How to keep relationships from fading with time
  • How to restore a relationship that is falling apart
  • How to experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules


The workshop contains five 90-minute sessions recorded with a live telephone class.  Guests in the workshop include author/therapist Tianna Conte-Dubs and author/former call girl Carol Leigh.

This workshop is a great complement to the book Partners in Love and Crime.  You can listen to the workshop whether or not you have read the book.

Bonus #1:  Audio Program
How “Labels” Destroy Love

Many times a good relationship goes bad because of the expectations we place on it.  These expectations are reinforced by “labels” such as “boyfriend” or “wife.”  These labels carry subconscious meanings that cause us to behave in ways that destroy love.  Learn how to avoid this relationship pitfall in this 50 minute seminar recorded with a live audience in San Diego. 

Bonus #2:  Audio Program
Fishing for Your Life Partner

Dating is a lot like fishing.  Are you looking for a "big fish"?  Are you looking in the right places?  Do you have the right "equipment"?  Do you enjoy fishing?

Join relationship coach Randy Hurlburt and motivational speaker Lyn Kelley to learn advanced rules for happiness and success while "fishing."  Here's what will be discussed in this 90 minute seminar recorded with a live audience:


  • The best places to fish
  • The best attitudes for fishing
  • Set your bait...hook line and sinker!
  • How to keep your fish from getting away
  • Strategies for reeling in your fish
  • How "male fish" differ from "female fish" in catching & keeping

Finding extraordinary love usually means breaking out of the prison of cultural rules. Because these rules tend to conflict with each other and with our basic desires, they create confusion and uncertainty in relationships.


You get all of the above (7 1/2 hours) for only $49.95!



The way to get out of prison, and to reduce the confusion, is to have a "Partners in Love and Crime" relationship.


This powerful concept is the secret to creating excitement and closeness in your love life.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


Randy Hurlburt
Certified Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author
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Experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules



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Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

He is the author of two books, Partners in Love and Crime (to be published January 1) and Love Is Not A Game (published in 2001).

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!