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Sexual Fantasies in

Love Relationships


Sexual Fantasies in Love Relationships



So much about sex is taboo.  We are supposed to like it (and we do), but we are also supposed to keep it hidden from the view of others.  And because others are simultaneously keeping it hidden from us, we grow up largely ignorant of the emotional (and even spiritual) content of the sexual experience.


Recently I was talking to one of my clients about her boyfriend, and the quality of their lovemaking.  She was embarrassed to discuss the details.  She said she simply had never learned to talk openly about sex.  I didn’t push her too hard in that particular session, but over time I helped her to open up and explore new ideas.


It was hard for her to overcome her embarrassment, but her boyfriend loved it!  He started to see her in a new light, as someone who had the potential to truly understand his inner desires.  He started opening up his feelings to her, something he had never done before.


This is why it’s so important to study sexual fantasies – where they come from and how they affect relationships.  Anyone can learn to cook or learn to change a diaper, but are these mundane things at the core of relationship life?  No, clearly they are not.  Emotions are.  Fantasies are.


There are many fantasies, of course, not just sexual fantasies.  Learning to tap into these fantasies is a way to show your partner that you understand and support him or her.  Everyone wants to be understood and supported at such a deep level.


The “Partners in Love and Crime” strategy is about more than sex.  It is about experiencing extraordinary love by breaking the rules.  It is about the excitement and closeness that comes when you break the rules together.  Your fantasies can guide you towards finding which rules you want to break. 


Sexual fantasies, while not the whole of the emotional experience, are often hidden on the “dark side” of a relationship.  They are the secret things which are not shared (but which are important), and which build up resentment over time. 


But how safe is it to share fantasies?  How can you know when your partner is ready?  What fantasies are OK and which ones are not?


This audio program, recorded with a live seminar audience, answers these questions and more.  Here real people talk about the fantasies they have had (and done!).  Learn the inner cause of fantasies. 


In this fun and titillating 60 minute program you will have the chance to change the direction of your sex life towards a deeper understanding of your partner (or partners…), and thereby greater excitement.


Here’s what the audio seminar will cover:


  • Real fantasies from real people
  • Why sexual fantasies are important
  • The true meaning of fantasies
  • Guidelines for sharing fantasies
  • How sharing fantasies can help men open up to their feelings
  • The difference between sex and intimacy
  • The difference between fantasies and sex addiction


Bonus Items

Bonus Item #1: Sexual Fantasy Stories. arIn addition to the audio program, you will be able to download Appendix 5 of the book "Love Is Not A Game" which contains 14 true sexual fantasy stories. These are excerpts from the books "Men in Love" and "My Secret Garden" by Nancy Friday, and include her explanation of the basis of the fantasies.

Bonus Item #2: Discover the True Meaning of Fantasies. This additional bonus download is Chapter 11 of "Love Is Not A Game." It describes why sexual fantasies are important, where they come from, and how Romantic Chemistry and Emotional Maturity affect the ability of a couple to share fantasies.

Bonus Item #3: The Male Sexual Experience. This Special Report gives an inside look at what goes on in a man's mind during sex. It is a startling eye-opener for many women, and can greatly enhance your understanding of your man.

Great Sex Guarantee:  If you want to have great sex, listen to this audio program.   Follow the principles outlined in the seminar, and I guarantee it will show you how to add depth and excitement to your sex life.  If you are not 100% satisfied with this program, at any time within 100 days I will be happy to refund your purchase price in full, and you can keep the materials!

This audio program and the associated materials are not about “technique.”  They are not about superficial sex.  They are about expanding the way you think about sex so that your relationships can be deeper, more meaningful, more connected, and more successful.


This audio program is available for only $39.95 during this limited time book launch promotion.


If you want to upgrade your sex life now, click here:  





Wishing you extraordinary love,
Randy Hurlburt
Certified Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Author
Experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules


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Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

He is the author of two books, Partners in Love and Crime (to be published January 1) and Love Is Not A Game (published in 2001).

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!